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Shelburne Worship Center

736 Steeles Street

Unit 3

Shelburne, ON

L9V 3M7

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Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre. 

6 Northmen Way

Orangeville, ON 

L9W 3B2 

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Billy Graham: Sleeps from his Labor

So called Christian leaders and pushers of lies within the modern day, hell bound church, have under the influence of satan, brainwashed people into believing that GOD's people cannot be perfect, cannot live a perfect life and should not pursue perfection because it is "unattainable."


Today, I believe that we have witnessed a man of GOD, a stalwart of the faith in JESUS CHRIST, who to the best of my limited knowledge, has pursued and lived a perfect life before GOD and man. 


Today as Dr. Graham sleeps, believers who believe that there is a true GOD and a true heaven, don't have the slightest doubt that Dr. Graham is with GOD in heaven in the presence of our LORD.


To my knowledge, this great man of GOD preached an undiluted, uncompromising gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the world for at least seventy years, without falling into any form of disrepute or reproach.


Sleep on Dr. Graham, my brother, sleep from thy weary long journey, until it's time for you to be awakened in paradise. GOD rest your soul and receive your spirit.

From the desk of Rev. Dr. V. L Sterling 

Bishop & Senior Pastor

February 21st, 2018

About Us

Who We Are

We are a bible believing, bible preaching, bible teaching, bible living, group of people on a mission for CHRIST. Called to spread HIS good news, and to reach those that seem unreachable.

Our Focus

1) To glorify GOD with the lives we live.

2) To make heaven our home & eternal life our gain.

3) To live a personal life of example, following the example of JESUS CHRIST. 

4) To seize every opportunity to point sinners to CHRIST.

5) To make true worthy disciples of CHRIST. 

6) To be our brother's keeper.

Our Approach & Our Principles

We are not here to compete, but to complete.

We are one people, one body, one church, under one GOD.

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Wednesday: 7:00 pm  BIBLE STUDY

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Friday: 7:00 pm  YOUTH NIGHT

Saturday:7:00 pm  TALK SHOW

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736 Steeles Street, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada

(905) 757-9592

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