Bishop Dr. V. L. Sterling & Rev. Dr. Patricia Sterling


Dr. Sterling was born and raised in Jamaica, but moved to Canada as a young man to provide a better life for his then small family. Dr. Sterling and his wife Rev. Patricia Sterling are the parents of 11 children, and grandparents to five children, (and counting.)

Dr. Sterling is a real and true man of GOD, sent into the city not by himself or any other man, but by GOD; to declare the unadulterated word of GOD, with great signs and wonders following. 

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Prophetic Gift:

Seeing into your past, speaking to your present, and prophesying into your future through the gift and anointing of the HOLY GHOST.

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Apostolic Gift:

Seeing the diamond in the rough. Calling, training, equipping, ordaining and appointing great men and women of GOD into Ministry; not for themselves, but for GOD.

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Teaching Gift:

It is believed by many that Dr. Sterling is one of the great bible teachers of our time. On any subject matter, Dr. Sterling, led by the HOLY SPIRIT, will wow your soul with deep understanding and clarity.

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Evangelistic Gift:

The “church” today appears to be lacking in the operation of gifts such as the Evangelist, but GOD has preserved for HIMSELF an end time Evangelist, in the person of Dr. Sterling. Only few true Evangelists are in the world today like Dr. Sterling. Come and see for yourself.

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Pastoral Gift:

In the scripture, GOD said to HIS people, “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding,” (Jeremiah 3:15) 

Well, we have truly found that in Dr. Sterling. He is unconditionally loving, humble, forgiving, caring, patient, fatherly, respectful, filled with GOD’S wisdom, integrity and discipline. 

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Healing, Miracle and Deliverance Gift:

Over the years, GOD has used Dr. Sterling by the power of the HOLY GHOST to perform countless healings, miracles, and deliverances such as:

- Appendicitis healed

- Demon possessed delivered

- Blind receive sight

- Marriages restored 

- Cancer cured

- And much more

Dr. Sterling Operates in the Capacity of the Community Pastor:

Organizing such events/programs as:

- Annual City Cleanup

- Annual Community Canada Day Celebration

- Annual Community End of Summer Family Fun Day

- Annual Gospel-Bana Festival

- Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

- Annual Community Christmas Dinner: Banquet, Award Ceremony & Fashion Show

- Weekly Youth Program 


Dr. Sterling Provides the Following Services for Community Residents

Pastoral Counselling

Baby Dedication (Christening)

Premarital & Marriage Counselling 

Wedding Ceremonies 

Water Baptism

24 Hour Prayer Service

In Church/ In Home Prayer 

Youth Counselling 

Family Crisis Emergency Intervention

Financial Benevolent Service