From: Shelley Weatherby

"People go through life searching... for fulfillment. I can honestly say I was no different, until I found what I was looking for. The SWC! The love and unity for GOD and each other is like no other!!!! We are all on one accord! PRAISE THE LORD!"

From: Debi Holmes Arnold

 "It all started with a post on Facebook. 6 months ago (July 2017) we attended a Canada Day celebration in Fiddle Park. God brought us to this Church. It has been amazing. There is so many wonderful things about this church from the people to the music. We have always been made to feel welcome and it's a joy to be around such people who are passionate about God and are not afraid to show it. Some of this is new to me but I know God has a reason he brought us to Shelburne Worship Center"

From: Philroy Bailey


"It's a blessing to be a part of SWC. From the first time I walked in the church, I felt the presence of the LORD. The members are loving & friendly. I walked in with a broken spirit and marriage, but with the prayers and support from the Pastor and members, my marriage and life have been restored!"

From: David Samuels

"Since I have been going to Shelburne Worship Center, my life has been transformed into a NEW level with CHRIST JESUS. Glory be to GOD I found a NEW Life!"

From: Shelburne City Councilor, Steve Anderson


 "Happy to see this church truly being a community partner!! Keep up the excellent work. "